Business and Society

The Institute and its various components work in close proximity with several non-academic actors: Private organisations, public organisations at local, regional, national and international levels, civil society organisations and others. We do this in a variety of ways:

Advising – Providing data-driven, academically grounded insights to decision-makers.

Consulting – Providing reports and other outputs addressing specific questions/topics.

Involving – Integrating these organisations in international research projects leads to greater sharing of information leading to greater impact.

Educating – Providing tailor-made educational products.

Diffusing – Collaborating in the organising of conferences and special events on Institute key expertise.

If you have specific needs or would like to discuss paths forward in addressing public policy and communication issues, do reach out to us.

Some of the current and past partners:

UNESCO, UNODC, UN DESA, WHO, EU, Transparency International, Open Government Transparency, CiFAR, PEN International, Cargo sous Terrain, Richemon, Swiss Confederation, French Ministry of Finance, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Movetia, Swiss Science Council, Natural Resources Canada, Canton Ticino, City of Lugano...