Institute of Communication and Public Policy

The Institute of Communication and Public Policy (ICPP) has been established to foster critical research on key issues in public policy and communication. We bring together researchers from various disciplines to investigates the challenges facing the world of institutions and the public sector more generally, particularly in the field of communication and governance, through a plurality of themes, perspectives and methods. To this end, we engage with the public, with public opinion formers, non-profits, policymakers and researchers in Switzerland and internationally.

The Institute covers four main research areas:

  • Public Integrity: projects that analyse and measure the challenges and impacts of governance initiatives in the broader public sector (transparency, anti-corruption and accountability)
  • Social Marketing: focuses on research that examines determinants of health and health-related behaviors and strategies to change behavior.
  • Intercultural Communication: a transversal and interdisciplinary field that examines interactions and representations in the context of formation, negotiation and contestation of culture;
  • Research Policy and Higher Education Studies: projects that focus on organisational structures of higher education institutions and characterisation of higher education systems, development of data infrastructure for S&T studies, indicators to characterise research funding systems and higher education institutions, comparative analysis of national research policies and funding systems.

The ICPP is also home to the Master in Public Management and Policy (PMP), offered jointly by the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, and promoted by the Swiss Public Administration Network (SPAN). This full-time study programme comprises 120 ECTS, for a usual duration of 2 years.