Research Policy and Higher Education Studies


The research group on Research Policy and Higher Education Studies led by Prof Benedetto Lepori, focuses on issues of higher education governance, university management and theory of S&T indicators.

Fields of expertise:

  • governance and organisational structures of higher education institutions
  • institutional theory, particularly institutional logics approaches and hybrid organisations
  • development of data infrastructure for S&T studies
  • diversity and characterisation of higher education systems
  • comparative analysis of national research policies and funding systems
  • indicators to characterise research funding systems and higher education institutions

Current projects include:

Our researchers collaborated and received funding from different academic and public funding institutions... 

  • Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)
  • European Commission
  • European Social Fund
  • Swissuniversities
  • Movetia
  • Swiss Science Council

Our recent publications include:

Our research group members include:


Research Fellow

Doctoral Researchers


  • Gay, Mario, USI (Switzerland)

Student Assistant