Social marketing (BeCHANGE)


The Social Marketing (BeCHANGE) research group led by Prof L. Suzanne Suggs conducts research in Social Marketing, one of the core areas of the ICPP. Within this area, we focus on the determinants of behaviour and behaviour change, examining individual, built environment and political determinants, all through the lens of science communication, political messages and actions. The main focus of our work is on health-related behaviours and behaviours that intersect health, the environment, and sustainability.

Current projects include:

  • MenuCH-kids: National nutrition survey in children and adolescents. (Swiss Federal Office of Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs)
  • Growing Green Communities. (EU Erasmus+)
  • Healthy-Sustainable Diets: Policy Actions and Consumer Practices (USI and the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 801076, through the SSPH+ Global PhD Fellowship Program in Public Health Sciences (GlobalP3HS) of the Swiss School of Public Health)

USI Teaching activities linked to BeCHANGE core research:

  • Social marketing (MSc and MA)
  • Introduction to social marketing (BSc)
  • Sustainable Fashion (MSc)
  • Public speaking (MSc)
  • Health Promotion and Prevention (MD)

BeCHANGE researchers regularly collaborate with other higher education institutions and other funding and community organisations:

  • In 2023, Prof Suggs taught a module on health science communication in the EPFL Summer School Science and Policy - "How to bridge the gap?" and in the autumn term of 2023, she will teach a doctoral course on science communication, also at EPFL.

Our recent publications include:

Our research group members include:


Doctoral Researchers

Research Assistant


  • Sergii Tukaiev, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine)
  • Camilla Speranza (Italy)
  • Neha Lalchandani, University of Adelaide (Australia)