Do children prefer pizza?

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The Swiss Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs (FSVO) has commissioned a national study called MenuCH-Kids to examine the eating habits of children and teenagers aged 6 to 17. This survey is set to begin in August 2023 and will continue for one year, with the first results expected in the spring of 2025. To conduct this project, the FSVO has enlisted a consortium that includes the Università della Svizzera italiana and Istituto Pediatrico della Svizzera Italiana – EOC (Paediatric Institute). In particular, Prof. Suzanne Suggs of USI is deputy director of the study and responsible for Ticino.

A balanced diet is crucial to promote healthy physical and mental growth in children and teenagers. In Switzerland, there is limited knowledge about the eating habits of these age groups. To address this, the FSVO has initiated a survey called menuCH-Kids, which aims to gather comprehensive data on the subject for the first time.


Who eats what, how much, when and where?

MenuCH-Kids is a project that aims to provide insights into the eating and drinking habits of children and adolescents. The project randomly selected 1800 participants aged between 6 and 17 from the Swiss population register. These participants keep a detailed food diary of their daily intake and are interviewed in person by a specialist at a study centre. They are also interviewed again over the telephone. It is important to note that participation in the study is voluntary and requires parental consent.


What does the FSVO want to achieve with menuCH-Kids?

In 2015, Switzerland conducted its first national nutrition survey called menuCH. This study aimed to give an overview of the nutritional status of adults in the country. To achieve similar objectives for children and teenagers, the FSVO launched menuCH-Kids. The data collected from this survey help review and modify the FDHA nutrition strategy, identify potential food-related risks more efficiently, and support research and development in nutritional, food, and behavioural sciences with representative data.


Participation in Ticino

"In the pilot phase of the study, participation in Ticino was excellent and appreciated. We expect good participation from young people in Ticino and their parents so that we will be well represented in the national study," said Prof. Suggs, thanking all those who accepted the invitation and decided to participate in this important, and very first study of its kind in Switzerland.


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