Research groups

At ICPP the following research groups are active:

  • Public Integrity (GRIP): projects that analyse and measure the challenges and impacts of governance initiatives in the broader public sector (transparency, anti-corruption and accountability);
  • Social Marketing (BeCHANGE): focuses on research that examines determinants of health and health-related behaviours and strategies to change behaviour;
  • Intercultural Communication in Migration and Memory (ICiMM): a transversal and interdisciplinary field that examines interactions and representations in the context of formation, negotiation and contestation of culture;
  • Research Policy and Higher Education Studies: projects focused on research studies and higher education institutions, systems, policies and governance.

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Bachelor in Communication

The ICPP coordinates courses in the area of Institutional and Political Communication within the Bachelor in Communication program offered by USI's Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society.

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Master in Public Management and Policy

The ICPP coordinates the Master in Public Management and Policy, a specialisation course that aims to train new and qualified profiles capable of assuming positions of responsibility as well as promoting change in the public and private non-profit sectors.

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PhD programme in Communication Sciences

The PhD in Communication Sciences is available to be studied in two modes: full-time or part-time. The PhD in Communication Sciences is structured around three components: advanced and in-depth studies of the fundamental elements of communication sciences; learning about research methods; individual research work culminating in a doctoral thesis under the supervision of one of the professors of the Institute of Communication and Public Policy.

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Summer School in Social Sciences Methods

Summer School in Social Science Methods

The Summer School is organised by the Insitute of Communication and Public Policy, Università della Svizzera italiana in close cooperation with FORS, the Swiss Foundation for social science research. Every year, it offers several full-time workshops in two weekly sessions (second half of August).

Participants are PhD students, junior and senior researchers and practitioners from Switzerland and other countries working in a wide range of scientific disciplines: Psychology, Educational, Business Studies, Communication, Political Science, Sociology, Health Sciences, and many others.

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SSPH+ Summer School in Public Health Policy, Economics, and Management

SSPH+ Summer School in Public Health Policy, Economics, and Management

The SSPH+ Lugano Summer School in Public Health Policy, Economics, and Management places health, disease, and health systems thinking under one common framework of coherent concepts and practical implications. The courses are intended for professionals and managers of health administrations, hospitals and other services and facilities within the health sector, policy-makers and students.  The programme is jointly organised by the ICPP and the IPH at USI, the Swiss School of Public Health, DEASS at SUPSI, and Swiss TPH. 

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