Public Integrity Research Group - GRIP


The Research Group on Public Integrity - Gruppo di Ricerca Integrità Pubblica (GRIP) focuses its research on issues of democratic governance. In particular, it deals with theoretical conceptualization, measurement and policy-evaluation linked to transparency, anti-corruption, accountability and civic participation in the broadly defined public sector. These themes are embedded in the perspective of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, notably in Goal 16 on Peace, Justice and Institutions.

It is an international collaborative group with partnerships different countries (in Switzerland, but also Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Norway and Taiwan).

Fields of expertise:

  • Transparency in public institutions
  • Accountability and anti-corruption policies
  • Lobbying and civic participation
  • Measurement of governance initiatives
  • Digital democracy
  • Gambling regulation issues

Current projects include:

USI Teaching activities linked to GRIP core research:

  • Accountability and Performance in the Public Sector
  • Current Issues in International Affairs
  • Corruption in Public Administrations
  • Basi politologiche delle istituzioni pubbliche

GRIP researchers collaborated and received funding from different academic funding institutions...

  • Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)
  • European Science Foundation (ESF)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
  • Innosuisse

… and from public institutions

  • United National Organization on Drug and Crime, Council of Europe, Transparency International, Open Government Partnership, World Lottery Association, UEFA and various national and subnational governments.

Our recent publications include:

Our research group members include:


Research Fellows

Doctoral researchers

Associated Professor

Student assistants


Research Fellows

  • Akhoundi, Abbas, University of Tehran (Iran)
  • Bašná, Kristýna, Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)
  • Caron, Daniel J., Ecole nationale d’administration publique (France)
  • Contreras, Pablo Universidad Central de Chile (Chile)
  • Killias, Martin, University of Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Markwalder, Nora, university of St.Gallen (Switzerland)
  • Palazzo, Guido, University of Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • Tenzi, Luca (Switzerland)
  • Weissmuller, Kristina, University of Berne (Switzerland)
  • Wilson, Christopher, University of Oslo & Georgetown University (Norway & US)

Associated Professors

  • Mabillard, Vincent, Solvay Business School (Belgium)
  • Lou, Xiankun, University of International Business and Economics (China)
  • Caron, Isabelle, Dalhousie University (Canada)
  • Savard, Jean-François, Ecole national d'Administration publique (Canada)
  • Francoli, Mary, Carleton University (Canada)
  • Miscione, Gianluca, University College Dublin (Ireland)
  • Tzeng, Josh, University of Taiwan (Taiwan)